Sharing poetry can make you feel vulnerable, but budding poet Joseph Huebl didn't let that stop him from sharing his poem in a big way on Valentine's Day.

This Jordan poet shared his gift of poetry in a grand way on Facebook. He posted "A Poem of Life and Love" with a red backdrop, and he hoped his words would help others celebrate this St. Valentine's holiday.

A year and a half ago, Huebl composed this life poem inside his journal.

"It is one of those things where inspiration hits you and you can just write anything," he said.

Who served as the inspiration for this life and love poem?

“I know the sickness and dying part may have been because at the time my Aunt Linda was dying of cancer, so that was an inspiration for that part of it,” Huebl said.

His parents' love story may have also played a part since they have seven children.

Was there a romantic inspiration for this love poem?

“In a sense, you are always waiting for that person to come into your life, so certain emotions are there I suppose, and you set aside those feelings until when you find that person," Huebl said. 

Sharing his personal, heartfelt poem was somewhat scary, Huebl admitted, but all of the responses he received were positive.

“They said it was beautiful and some said it was an amazing poem, and that made me feel pretty good,” he said.

Some friends commented how the poem was touching and timeless and could reach across generations. 

“A friend of my brother’s at school said he read it (the poem) and really liked it – he could really put himself into the guy’s shoes,” Huebl said.

This young poet hopes poetry will not be a lost art. His favorite classic poetry are pieces written by Robert Louis Stephenson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Edgar Allen Poe.

“For me, as far as poetry and songs, it is a way to express myself - I would say it is a good way to express emotions and get them out there in a more tangible way," Huebl said.


As a millennial born in 1996, Huebl was homeschooled and graduated in 2015. Today Huebl, 20, is a college student studying business at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson. This young writer aims to grow his craft and plans to own his own movie studio someday. Today he works at a New Prague radio station as a board engineer and part-time disc jockey.  

“My dream would be to get into film and acting stuff, along with screenwriting," Huebl said.

Huebl's personal journal composition notebook is bursting at its binder seams with unpublished works and potential dreams, he said. Huebl used to carry the journal with him everywhere, but today he writes stories on his laptop. Tucked inside his notebook is a screenplay script for an action movie called "Exposition into the Unknown." This was a script he wrote back in 2012 about some archaeologists who dug up fossils in Minnesota.

"This writing was not part of my homeschool curriculum - they were done of my personal choice," he said.

His younger sister created art that can serve as a concept poster that could help to market this screenplay.

"I wrote this with my friends in mind and it is a mix of science fiction," he said.

Huebl placed this screenplay on the back burner since he does not have the budget to film such an action, science-fiction film.


This past Christmas, Huebl gave all of his immediate family members T-shirts as gifts with his future company name "Joeco Studios" printed on the back and his screenplay name "Jeepers Crime 'N Meepers" silk screened on the front.

This young writer appreciates his family's support and he hopes in the future he can employ his siblings at Joeco Studios. Joseph's mother, Lori Huebl, is so proud of her son and his writing.

Since she homeschooled all of her seven children, she said, "The amount of his writing is neat to see because as moms we plant the seeds and it is always great to see it bloom."

As her children's primary teacher, Lori aims to instill a love of the written word and a love of literature in each of her children. "

Part of becoming a better writer is to read good works," she said.

As a teacher, Lori would ask her children to copy down good writing and poetry so they could practice good penmanship and improve their own writing.

"Then at the end, they each have a complete poem book of great works written in their own books," she said.


Huebl is now hard at work to finish a funny screenplay called "Jeepers Crime 'N Meepers." This is a humorous action movie story with a bit of a romance.

"This one will be easy to make - it is about a guy who is a criminal and he is trying to change his life around. The guy wants to stop being a criminal, but his mom is like this is the best life for you because this is how we trained you to be," he said.

The story is funny because it is the opposite of what parents are usually like and it creates kind of a funny situation, he explained. 

In this screenplay, the main character meets a girl and desires to become an upstanding citizen to impress her. His best friend works on a farm and helps his friend find a good career so he can become a good, upstanding citizen.

“But each thing he tries, it ends up backfiring and ends up going wrong which makes it funny, and by the end of the story when he does get together with the girl, he realizes she is a crime person, too, because her family is the same as his so it is a funny situation at the end," he said.

Anxious to begin filming this humorous screenplay, Huebl said, "When I visualize a story I imagine a movie in my head, and that is how I go about writing it in my head."

Determined to make his screenplay dreams come true, he said, "Gaining experience is valuable but if I keep writing this and then working on how I want to do it, I can start working on shooting my own short videos and then I will be on the way.”

Huebl may consider posting short movies and videos on YouTube.

“Once I get done with the screenplay, I will start making investments and see what the best plan of action is to start filming,” Huebl said.