Students, teachers and parents at St. Paul’s Lutheran School kicked off the fall season with... well... a kick.

Sunny Friday, Oct. 10 was the school’s second annual family kickball event, taking place right after school let out at 3:15 p.m. Everyone, from the parents to the teachers to the kids themselves, was encouraged to participate.

Sue Brown of Burnsville, who has a child going to school at St. Paul’s, was among the parents who started the tradition a year ago, and hopes it keeps going.

“The kids play kickball all the time,” she said. It seemed like a good opportunity to foster a sense of community in the school.

On Friday, she and three other moms — Maureen Flanagan, Michele Even and Tracey Schowalter of Prior Lake — got the event off the ground for its second run.

Minutes before the first kick, Schowalter was among the parents and volunteers prepping some hot dogs, brats, chips and soda for the game. Beyond just being fun, she believes the kickball games and other activities serve a purpose: building one big team in the school community.

“We help each other out,” Schowalter said. “And the kids have better relationships outside of school.”

In other words, the school that plays together stays together.


Hannah Jones is a Prior Lake American reporter who loves revealing the hidden worlds within a community, like trash collection and school board happenings. She is quiet, creative and unabashedly nerdy. She also likes to run, bake and watch James Bond.


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