Dixie, a very friendly, 27-pound dachshund-mix gal, adores all ages of people and her big brother Ham. She was born in March 2013. Dixie gets along with other dogs at the park, but she is dominant. She knows basic commands, is house-trained, and well behaved without needing a crate. Dixie wa…

Kylie apparently got lost, but no one came for her, so she is looking for a new family. She is a friendly torby born around June 2018. She is outgoing and affectionate. Kylie watches at the window for your arrival, greets at the door, follows you around, ankle rubs, jumps into your lap, or l…

Five words from the oft-quoted challenge to the nation by President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address is the title of this column. These words inspired me to pose a question for all who drive on our Minnesota roads. More about that quote and my question a bit later.

A reader pointed out last week, that Where the Heck Is It prompts readers to go out and explore the city's hidden treasures. For example, the steps down to Kerber Pond Park at 7380 Kerber Boulevard; from the street it looks like a tiny spot of grass with a picnic table and bench. But there a…


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Should the city provide some type of subsidy to enable use of Old Village Hall as the city's history center?

The Chanhassen Historical Society (CHS) has approached the city about using the Old Village Hall as the city's history museum and archive. Currently, the CHS has no home; some of the collection is at City Hall with the majority stored with CHS members. The CHS is a nonprofit and cannot afford to both lease and cover utilities for the historic building, but is willing to contribute to a portion of the utilities cost.

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