The fall season evokes memories of harvest on the farm and the wonderful smells wafting from my mom’s kitchen. Apple crisp, praline pumpkin date bread, pot roast meatloaf, beef stroganoff, butterscotch pie, and a family favorite, caramel bars.

On a late Wednesday afternoon at Canterbury Park, about the only things familiar to regular racing fans were the plastic cups of foaming beer, Paul Allen’s voice over the loudspeaker and the horses and their jockeys, ready to take their marks before the sounding of the gun.

I (Boaz) am the outgoing, friendly, slightly dominate male kitten of my sibling group. I’ll be at the door when I hear my trusted person coming and complaining that she should hurry up and come see me. I play with anything I can move. I like window watching. My purr is quickly heard when I’m…

Chaska recorded the three fastest times in seven of 11 races, including the 200-yard medley relay, in a 98-25 win over Bloomington Kennedy on Sept. 10. It was the home opener for the Hawks (2-0) at Pioneer Ridge Middle School.


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