Butcher's Deli

The Wallis family — Ashley, Madison, 10, Taylor, 8 and Brandon — outside the Butcher’s Deli in Victoria.

A business fire about a year ago at School of the Wise caused owners Brandon and Ashley Wallis to re-examine what they were doing — what they wanted the rest of their lives to look like.

The result: The Butcher’s Deli.

“Once you get over the shock of the fire, the damage and what you’ve done for 16 years, you realize it gave us a chance to relook at what we were doing; where we wanted to go; where we wanted to live,” Brandon said from inside the couple’s new business site, 1550 Arboretum Boulevard in Victoria.

“We opted to do something other than a restaurant,” Brandon said. “We think this is the type of business that will work in Victoria; something unique and different.”

The Butcher’s Deli, which is expected to open late this month, will feature premium, butcher-cut meats, a deli, coffee bar and even on/off liquor sales.

“We want this to be a place where you can order a great sandwich and have a beer while you’re waiting for your groceries, your rib eyes, pork chops and other items to get loaded up,” Brandon said. “It will be unique in that we are going to offer enough seating to maintain the alcohol license.”

Plans offer seating for 25 amidst the 1,750-square-foot facility.

Food offerings will include the store’s unique mixes of salads, with a menu board of sandwiches and soup, likely including the tomato soup that was popular at the School of the Wise.

Two new businesses, HomeTown Bank and Nautical Bowls, are moving into the downtown Victoria location where the Wallis’ restaurant had been located.

HTB will be opening a temporary office for loan and deposit production at the site, with a grand opening likely in January, according to Monica MacDonald, assistant vice president, lending, for the bank, which will be at 1750 Tower Blvd.

The bank’s temporary office is expected to eventually become a full-service bank in the community.

“We are looking forward to the investment we’re making in Victoria,” said MacDonald, also a Victoria resident. “We’re excited about the venture.”

Nautical Bowls is a franchise that is a fast-casual concept offering fresh açai bowls.

The Wallises, who also own The Social Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Victoria, say they will incorporate as many selections from local breweries and wineries as possible at The Butcher’s Deli.

Brandon said he realized after the fire, and after doing some family ancestry examination, that he wanted to stay in the food service industry.

“I loved my customers; loved seeing our customers’ reactions when they tried our food,” he said. “I knew it was the industry I want to be in, to stay in.”

In the heritage search, he found out from a relative that his history dates back to England and that ancestors were in the food industry.

About five employees will be working at any particular time, Brandon said, adding that a butcher has already been hired. Exact business hours have not been determined.

“What we are going to offer is something I think every community should have,” he said, adding that interested parties should check the business’ Facebook page for information, including an opening date.

“We want to build an experience; like what we did at the School of the Wise,” Brandon said. “I’m pretty sure people will enjoy and appreciate what we will offer.”