How will District 112 spend its 3-million dollar CARES Act allotment was presented at the Oct. 12, 2020, school board workshop.

Carver County has distributed $2.9 million of its $12.85 million CARES funding as of Sept. 30, according to initial spending reports.

The $2.78 million went to the Carver County Community Development Agency and the Health and Human Services Division. Some of the funding’s projects include rent and utility support programs, transportation grants and small business and nonprofit funding.

The Board of Commissioners has approved an additional $5.6 million for more relief funding as of Oct. 20. Here’s how the approved spending breaks down:

  •  $2.0 million: Carver County Community Development Agency economic support programs
  • $1.4 million: IT & Facilities Projects to improve virtual public access and teleworking
  • $865,000: Public Health measures, HHS space redesign, medical expenses, PPE, and sanitation supplies
  • $775,000: Carver County Health and Human Services economic support programs
  • $560,000: Partnership with Ridgeview Medical Center to purchase mobile clinic trailer/operate a call center

County staff plans to recommend the $7.25 million be reimbursed to the County for staff time related to COVID-19 duties.

“Without Federal assistance, the County’s budget would have been in significant trouble and instead we are able to offer support to help with the financial hardships in our community directly related to the pandemic,” Board of Commissioners chair James Ische said.

The County received nearly $13 million in CARES Act funding this July. Expenses using CARES Act funding must be related to the pandemic and occur between March 1 - Nov. 30.