Two new homes and a private street can be built on Frontier Trail after the preliminary and final plats were approved by Chanhassen City Council on Monday.

The project is located at 7406 Frontier Trail and was submitted by Kevitt Companies Project Manager Luis Berrospid in August 2019. Berrospid owns the existing home on the property, but will split the land into two additional lots.

Frontier Trail Development

7406 Frontier Trail.

Several recent developments have drawn criticism from residents over the loss of trees and potential Saturday construction, and the Frontier plans attracted similar concerns.

According to staff reports, there is currently 96% canopy coverage on the lot, but the proposed plan would eliminate over 40% of the trees, worrying several neighbors.

Mayor Elise Ryan said she frequently receives phone calls regarding weekend construction, but Berrospid confirmed it would be weekdays only “and they’re not planning on paying overtime.”

Neighbors also expressed concern over the density of the area — additional homes are being built across the street, confirmed Community Development Director Kate Aanenson. Frontier Road has no sidewalks or public trails, and the number of construction vehicles sharing the road with residents could be a safety issue, another neighbor said.

Berrospid argued the project would most likely improve the valuation of the surrounding homes and the new underground water retention system would help his neighbors.

Now that the plats have been approved, he is now in the process of finding a builder. There is no set construction date, he said.