IWCO is based in Chanhassen.

IWCO Direct, a Chanhassen-based provider of data-driven direct marketing solutions, announced it has achieved G7 Colorspace Master Qualification.

Colorspace qualification is the most stringent level of G7 compliance recognized by Idealliance, a nonprofit industry group dedicated to guiding print production best practices, specifications, and standards worldwide, according to a press release.

The breadth of the Colorspace qualification assures IWCO Direct clients with multi-piece products that their marketing materials will share the same high-quality appearance regardless of the equipment individual pieces are produced on.

The Colorspace qualification applies to the company’s web and sheet-fed lithographic presses, continuous and cut-sheet digital equipment, and proofing devices at all IWCO Direct facilities. IWCO Direct previously achieved G7 Grayscale Master Qualification across its platform in 2016.

“Achieving G7 Colorspace qualification puts us in a rare group of companies and signifies our dedication to producing our clients’ marketing campaigns as accurately and consistently as possible across all channels,” stated Jim Andersen, CEO of IWCO Direct.


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