Peek A Boo Baby

Peak A Boo Baby, an ultrasound studio, will open in early January. It is located at 308 Broadway N., Carver.

Lindsey Hauge of Carver has been a sonographer for over 10 years. She is certified in OBGYN, abdomen, fetal echocardiography, vascular and breast imaging. She found it mind-blowing that women only get two ultrasounds during pregnancy.

During a healthy 10-month pregnancy, women get an eight and 20 week ultrasound. If everything is healthy, that’s all you get, Hauge said. She couldn’t imagine how people went through their entire pregnancy only seeing their baby twice.

As a sonographer, Hauge scanned herself often during her pregnancy. She couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over so she could get back to work and do an ultrasound.

“It just gives people another option to see their baby,” Hauge said. “It's such a special experience.”

Hauge wants to bring this special experience to more moms. On Jan. 1, she is opening Peek A Boo Baby, at 308 Broadway N, Carver. The ultrasound studio offers moms the ability to get elective keepsake photos of their baby.

Pregnancy ultrasounds are very clinical and due to the pandemic, no one is allowed to go with to appointments, Hauge said. Her goal is to offer a spa-like atmosphere to put moms at ease. The studio also allows moms to bring friends and family along to the ultrasound.

“I just really want to make it more of a fun inviting environment versus so clinical,” Hauge said.

Hauge is able to determine the sex of the baby, the positioning, heartbeat and where the placenta is located. She does not do anything diagnostic, such as determine a baby's weight or look at the baby’s heart or brain. This is strictly elective keepsake photos, she said.

The studio offers several different services including 2D imagining, which are the classic black and white photos; 3D imaging, which makes the photo three-dimensional and adds coloring to the baby and 4D imaging, which is a moving image of the baby in real time.

Hauge also offers virtual HD imaging, which is unique to the studio. The image is even more realistic, lighting can be adjusted and the placenta can be removed from the image to get the clearest photo of the baby.

Peek A Boo Baby is also available to be rented out for gender reveal parties or baby showers. While at the studio, the mom-to-be can get an ultrasound surrounded by all her friends and family.

Peek A Boo Baby

The studio offers a variety of services including 2D, 3D, 4D and HD imaging. Prices range from $100 for a quick scan to $380 for an in-home ultrasound.

Pricing ranges from $100 for a quick 15-minute scan to $380 for a private in-home ultrasound. The studio offers packages that consist of one to three scans. The studio sells heartbeat buddies, teddy bears that when you squeeze, play the baby’s heartbeat. The stuffed toys cost $30 and are included in some packages.

Peek A Boo Baby offers gift cards that range from $50-$400.

Hauge is excited to open her studio and promote early bonding for not only the parents but also their friends and family. While the mom and sometimes the dad can feel the baby’s kicks, this is a way for the whole family to embrace and feel the reality of the baby, she said.

Hauge loves seeing how people light up when they get a peek at their baby, how excited they are to see their toes and button nose. It’s rewarding having someone thank her for showing them what’s going on in there, she said.

Hauge won’t reveal the baby’s sex unless she is 99% certain, but even then, there is a chance she is wrong, she said. If the baby is in a poor position to get a photo, she will try some tricks to get the baby is a better position. If all else fails, she will have the mom come back another time to get a good image.

“There's times when babies are just a little shy,” Hauge said.

Peek A Boo Baby

Lindsey Hauge of Carver with her husband Mitch and their son Asher. Hauge often scanned herself during her pregnancy with her son.

Hauge said she wants to get the word out that elective ultrasounds are an option and people don’t have to go through insurance to get one.

In order to get an elective ultrasound, women must have proof of prenatal care. Elective ultrasounds don’t replace pregnancy ultrasounds performed in a clinic, Hauge said. Moms must have care already established and have already received their first official ultrasound, she said.

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