Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen, R-Eden Prairie, announced on Wednesday, Dec. 13, that he favors the introduction in Congress of a five-year delay to the medical device tax.

Erik Paulsen



This legislation would repeal the 2.3 percent excise tax included in President Barack Obama’s health care law that applies to the sale of medical device products.

“If we want to protect and create more high-paying jobs and if we want to ensure more life-improving and life-saving technologies are available to help patients, we cannot allow the medical device tax to start up again,” Paulsen said. “This tax should be eliminated and fully repealed, but short of that, we should at least suspend this onerous tax for another five years.”

Paulsen is the chief author of legislation to permanently repeal the medical device tax. In the prior session, Paulsen helped pass a two-year suspension of the medical device tax with bipartisan support. Unless action is taken, the medical device tax will go back into effect on Jan. 1.


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