Laura Wood and Linda Walton

Local garden and nursery The Garden by the Woods, Chanhassen, invites the community to help install a pollinator garden on this swathe of city property at the intersection of highways 101 and 5. From left, Linda Walton, marketing, and Laura Wood, owner of The Garden by the Woods.

The city of Chanhassen and a local business invite individual residents and community service groups to help plant a community pollinator habitat garden from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 14.

Laura Wood and Linda Walton of The Garden By The Woods Garden Center, 78 W. 78th St., approached the city in August with a proposal to plant the garden on city property at 100 West 78th Street, located at the corner of highways 5 and 101, which the council approved.

Currently, the lawn area is maintained by the city. The Garden by the Woods will convert some of the lawn into a garden with plants beneficial to pollinators. The garden center will prepare the soil, design and do planting, watering, weeding and maintenance in-house and with volunteers at no cost to the city. City crews will continue to mow all areas outside of the garden. The garden center plans to expand the pollinator garden every year.

According to Jill Sinclair, Chanhassen’s environmental specialist, pollinator gardens have many benefits. Once established, plants seldom need watering, plants produce nectar, pollen and seeds for pollinators and birds, and the plants’ deep roots hold soil and prevent erosion thus controlling stormwater.

“The Garden By The Woods is actively connecting with the city to become ‘pollinator partners’ to help expand our vision,” Sinclair said by email.

The garden center’s press release stated its mission as educating and inspiring the community “to preserve and enhance the balance of our natural resources and essential garden pollinators. ... Our vision is for the City of Chanhassen to have the highest concentration of pollinator gardens in Carver County.”

Individuals and community service groups interested in assisting with planting can email Linda at or call 952-270-6788.


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