Chanhassen High School DECA students Mia Richter and Josie Seltun earned a first-place trophy at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Richter and Seltun competed in the Creative Marketing event. They were among the 13 CNHS DECA students who attended the conference April 27-30, attended by more than 19,000 high school students from around the globe.

Richter and Seltun’s project included a 20-page written research paper and a 15-minute presentation. Their project, the Unplugged Campaign, focused on improving cell phone usage among students in the classroom, relationships and on the road.

CNHS DECA attendees who competed included Jack Anderson, Community Service Project; Regan Anderson, Integrated Marketing Plan-Event; Anna Baxter, Community Service Project; Parker Benkstein, Financial Services Team Decision Making; Henry Hace, Financial Literacy Promotion Project; Abbie Hegarty, Community Service Project; Renee Hollis, Integrated Marketing Plan-Event; Shelby Jacobson, Marketing Communications; Peyton Kappel, Financial Literacy Promotion Project; Avery Larson, Financial Services Team Decision Making; Mia Richter, Creative Marketing Project; Josie Seltun, Creative Marketing Project; and Mike Shea, Principles of Marketing.

Competition results

Students in each event competed against 170-200 other students/groups from around the globe. For the second year in a row, the CNHS team brought home a first-place trophy.

This marks the third consecutive year of podium finishes for the Chanhassen students. Chanhassen High School DECA advisors are Margot Cowing and Heather Stohs.

During their stay in Orlando, the students also had an opportunity to attend “DECA Night” at Universal Studios and attend an evening at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


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