Naomi George

Students like Prior Lake High School sophomore Naomi George are heading back to hybrid learning this month.

Students will be welcomed back to in-person hybrid learning this month, District 112 Superintendent Lisa Sayles-Adams said in a statement Wednesday.

Sayles-Adams released other details per Gov. Tim Walz's announcement, including bringing some middle and high school students (in the "B" group) back to school on Thursday, Feb. 18. Others, the "A" group, are set to return on Monday, Feb. 22.

Elementary school students have been learning in-person since Feb. 1, 2021. Schedules of students enrolled in the district's online academy won't change.

In the coming weeks, Sayles-Adams said staff will consider the state's revised guidelines when making decisions about bringing students back in person full-time. An update is slated for Friday, Feb. 26.

"We are all in agreement this is the best place for our students to learn, but we need to make sure we have the capacity to do so," Sayles-Adams said.

That entails ordering enough breakfast and lunch, bringing back staff, and "reviewing processes in place," she said.

Sayles-Adams encouraged people to continue wearing their face masks, physically-distancing, and staying apart from others to slow the virus spread.

"COVID fatigue is real for all of us, and I know we are all anxious to get back to normal as soon as possible," she said. "Your partnership is critical in getting, and keeping, all of our students back full-time in person."