Chanhassen High School

Chanhassen High School, 2200 Lyman Blvd., Chanhassen.

A lockdown was triggered at Chanhassen High School Thursday morning (Sept. 9, 2021). District 112 officials released a statement on their social media accounts that "police are on the scene clearing the building; there is no reason to believe there is an active threat."

As of 10:50 a.m., school and Carver County Sheriff's Department personnel believe an electrical malfunction was the cause of the alarm.

"We immediately followed our procedures to make sure our students and staff were safe. We have no reason to believe there was a threat to the school," Doug Bullinger, principal at Chanhassen High School, said.

As part of our process, the Carver County Sheriff’s Department and partner agencies responded and made sure the building was clear before the lockdown was lifted.

"At no time were our students in danger, but I am proud of our entire community for the way they responded to make sure we stayed safe," Bullinger said.

The school day will continue Thursday at Chanhassen High School.

"This, understandably, can be a scary experience. We completely understand if students would like to go home for the day. Students will be asked to come down to the office, call parents and receive verbal confirmation of permission before they can leave," Bullinger said.

The school will also have counselors available today and tomorrow (Friday) if students need extra support.

This is a developing story.