The 1872 one-room school house in Chaska.

Carver County ranks as the most educated county in Minnesota, according to a recently-released study of data from 2013-17.

The data showed that 33.5% of Carver County’s population earned a bachelor’s degree, while an additional 13.9% earned a graduate or professional degree, according to a Carver County press release.

Of the studied population, 19.6% were high-school graduates (or the equivalent), while another 18% attended some college without earning a degree. Around 11% earned an associate’s degree. Around 2% finished less than high school and another 2% attended high school without completion.

Carver County ranked 66th among all 3,142 U.S. counties. The county’s educational index, as computed by the study’s author, The Stacker, was 89.81.

The study used a weighted index, measuring the relative educational level for every county in the United States. It evaluated counties’ over-25 population, segmenting it into seven tiers ranging from no education beyond eighth grade to those with graduate or professional degrees, according to the Carver County press release.


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