Haley Pemrick Schubert

Address: 7608 Erie Ave

Age: 32

Family: Husband, Erick; two dogs, Abby and Luna

Employment: Logistics and Quality Manager at Quantum Controls, Inc

Education: B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Spanish for the Business Professions, Minor in Economics from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy being outside, especially gardening in the summer and skiing in the winter. I also like playing board games or trivia at local breweries.

Previous experience that would prove helpful in position: Currently serving on Park & Recreation Commission. Previous board member of both Rotary clubs in Chanhassen and past chair of Chanhassen Fourth of July parades.

Contact info: HaleyforChan@gmail.com; 612-269-2228 haleyforchan.com Why are you running for this position?

I am running because the Chanhassen community is part of who I am as a lifelong resident. My experience in manufacturing both at General Mills and Quantum Controls has taught me how to creatively find solutions to cut costs, reduce waste, and increase productivity. My experience as a mentor in the STRIVE program at Chanhassen High School has taught me how to listen to people. Chanhassen has seen a lot of growth in the last decade and I want to continue supporting small, locally owned businesses in our town to make it a place people want to live and visit.

What are the top three issues you would face during your term?

As this pandemic has shown us, you never know what is to come. Three issues I see today are parks funding, road repairs, and public safety. The city has acquired a beautiful piece of land that will greatly expand Lake Ann Park, funding this project will be crucial. I foresee road repairs/funding continuing to be a high priority issue moving forward. As long as I am in office, I will fight that franchise fees are only ever used for roads as originally planned. Finally, I would like to see continued conversations between the citizens and the Sheriff’s department.

How will you reach out to residents during your term?

I want to listen to any resident or business owner that wants to talk. Listening to different people’s experiences, thoughts, and opinions is a critical piece of being on City Council. I am always reachable via phone or email and plan to hold office hours when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

What role should the city have in assisting people and businesses in the pandemic?

The city alone cannot stop the impact on people and businesses, but it can be a vital first responder. The city’s website is a good reference for regular updates on frequently asked questions. The city should continue to communicate available federal, state and county programs. I would listen to what people and businesses say they need right now. I would also suggest tax reductions on businesses that were forced to close due to the state shutdown and deferred utility payments for residents in financial hardships due to layoffs and furloughs caused by the pandemic.

What areas would you adjust in the city budget?

I would like to see the park replacement program become a permanent item in the budget. Neighborhood parks help increase the value of homes and are a draw for new families wanting to move to the area as well as helping bring current neighborhoods together more.

What is your long-range vision for the city of Chanhassen?

I want to see Chanhassen continue to be a sought-after location for people to move to in the metro area. I want this community to be a place where citizens are engaged and active both in community activities and community government.

What qualities would you like to see in the new city manager?

Todd Gerhardt was integral in helping this city grow to what it is today and there will be big shoes to fill for the new city manager. I would like to see someone who is open-minded and can bring experiences and ideas from other communities. Someone who is not afraid to try things a new way or think outside of the box for solutions.

Have you been charged in the past year, or ever been convicted, of a misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?



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