Why are you running for this position?

I enjoy working with people and I value the opportunity to give back to the community that I have lived in my whole life. I want to continue to serve my constituents in areas of transportation, health and human services, and public safety.

What are the top three issues you would face during your term?

  1. Overcoming inadequate funding from state and federal agencies for transportation in projects of Highway 212, Highway 41, and Highway 5.
  2. Providing adequate and necessary services to constituents in areas where the state has reduced their funding, specifically in health and human services
  3. Providing resources and funding for quality parks and libraries while keeping taxes for residents and businesses affordable

How will you involve, and communicate with, residents during your term?

I will continue to be an active member in community events and always available to listen to people’s thoughts and concerns. I can be reached by phone or email, or better yet in person.

What areas would you adjust in the budget?

I think the county has done a good job providing services. We need to continue to adequately plan and fund transportation, while keeping the impact on the average family resident and business minimal. As the county continues to grow, the demand will increase on things we enjoy like libraries, parks and trails, but also things that are necessary such as employment services, affordable housing and child protection. This is a constant goal to balance wants and needs.

What role should the county have in assisting people and businesses in the pandemic?

Here is some of what the county is currently doing to help people and businesses during this pandemic: We have allocated (CARES) money for transportation to meet residents' need to connect to essential services and medical appointments. There is a shelter and food program that provides a safe place for homeless people and connects them to support systems. We have allotted moneys to the CDA to help businesses that have suffered losses. This is federal money that you and I have or will be paying for.

What is your long-range vision for Carver County?

My vision would be to keep Carver County a place that I will be proud to have my children and grandchildren live. And more than that — they will want to!

What is your favorite part of living in Carver County?

My favorite part is the people and the community that I have been blessed to know my whole life.

Have you been charged in the past year, or ever been convicted, of a misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?

No, no, no!


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