Why are you running for this position?

I am running to represent the great people of Carver County in the Minnesota State Senate because I am determined to foster a state that we can be proud to leave the next generation of Minnesotans.

As a mother, I know what concerns are keeping parents up at night: the safety of our families, the capabilities of our household budgets, and the opportunities our children will have growing up.

I will use our common sense, Carver County values to guide me as I fight for our hardworking moms, dads and grandparents, and all residents that make up our community.

What are the top three issues you would face during your term?

Minnesota is facing an enormous budget deficit, which is why it is more critical now than ever to elect someone like me who believes in being fiscally responsible in order to tackle this growing problem.

We will also need to promote economic growth and help our businesses get back on their feet — an issue that I have been passionate about and working towards in my role on City Council.

Minnesota will need lawmakers who will never vote to defund our police — I support law enforcement and am proudly endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

What is the role of the Legislature when it comes to needs like housing or healthcare?

I believe in compassionate conservatism – the idea that the Legislature should make sure that every Minnesotan is given a helping hand when they need one, without creating a socialist-like welfare state that becomes a drain on taxpayers.

If the system is abused, it leaves less resources available for those who truly need it, which is why it is important to push for policies that encourage weaning off assistance whenever possible.

What is the role of the Legislature in creating a healthy business climate in the state?

The Legislature can create a healthy business climate by making sure that businesses both large and small are brought to the table when creating policy. Asking critical questions like, “where does the government get in the way of your success?” and “how can we make Minnesota more business-friendly?”

I have had countless conversations with business owners who point to burdensome and unnecessary regulations and fees that make them consider basing their operations elsewhere.

I believe government must get out of the way of businesses and keep those companies, and the jobs they provide, in this great state.

What transportation issues would you like to address during your term?

I believe that we need to focus on our existing infrastructure before spending billions of dollars on light rail. For public transportation I support having a robust busing system. Understandably, Carver County is growing at a rapid rate, which is why as your state senator I will push for expanding our current roadways, including highways 212 and 5.

What circumstances would prompt you to vote across party lines?

I believe in putting principle over party, which is why if for some reason I could not in good conscience vote with my party as it would go against my principles or hurt the people of my district, I would vote for what I believe is right.

How should the Legislature respond to calls for public safety reform?

First, I think it is critical that we separate calls for public safety reform from defunding the police. There are Minnesotans who view these two issues very differently.

The Legislature should not consider defunding the police. However, I believe we can have productive and critical conversations about public safety reform in regard to police tactics, training, etc., making sure to bring our men and women in blue into the conversation to ensure no decisions impact their safety or that of the public.

How should the Legislature respond to the pandemic?

The Legislature is a co-equal branch of government. Unfortunately, as Gov. Walz is closing in on almost 200 days of emergency executive powers, the Legislature is being cut out of the decision-making process for some of the serious issues that impact every Minnesotan.

I believe that we need to end the governor’s unilateral decision-making, so that all Minnesotans have a voice in the decisions being made. With that being said, I believe we must do our part to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable, without destroying the economy or livelihoods of countless Minnesotans.

Have you been charged in the past year, or ever been convicted, of a misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?

I have not.


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