It’s that time of year again.

The Minnesota State Fair is upon us. Prepare your stomach for its annual gorge of cheese curds, Sweet Martha’s Cookies and stick food varieties Thursday, Aug. 22 through Monday, Sept. 2.

The classics such as the giant yellow slide, which is turning 50 this year, will be back. Take some time to try new food or take a break from all the eating and enjoy new rides at the great Minnesota get-together.

Here are three new things to do at the fair:

1. ‘Angry Birds Universe:

The Exhibition’

Ever wonder what it felt like to be the angry red bird, nose diving beak first into a pyramid of evil green piggies?

Well this exhibit is the next best thing.

The “Angry Birds Universe” at the North End Event Center will have a zip line participants can propel down to knock over big foam structures, according to the Minnesota State Fair’s website. With a little imagination, it may feel like the real animated thing.

Participants at the event can also build and race “handheld” vehicles, use their own hands to launch Angry Birds with a slingshot and learn about egg sizes, wing span and flight dynamics.

The exhibit is making its “Midwest debut” and is only at the Minnesota State Fair, according to the fair’s website. “Physics, animation, gravity, magnetics, geometry and more have never been so fun!” it said.

2. Rides

Head over to the Mighty Midway at the Minnesota State Fair and try out three new rides.

The “Zero Gravity” will spin you around for an “adrenaline-rushing ride.” You may need a brown bag for this one.

Feel like a pirate on the “Sea Ray” and get on board a giant pirate ship and swing side-to-side. There’s no water, but you’ll feel like you’re riding the high seas.

Finally, there’s no going wrong with the Merry-Go-Round.

Bring the toddlers and take a spin on colorful horses at Kidway.

3. Indigenous food lab

Learn about the cultural significance, history and culinary and medical uses of an array of foods presented by indigenous chefs, including award-winning chef Sean Sherman.

The special event, “The Sioux Chef Presents the Indigenous Food Lab” will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Dan Patch Park. The event is free with admission and is presented with the support of the Minnesota State Fair Foundation, according to the fair’s website.

Sherman has won the James Beard Award and will host a cooking demonstration and discuss indigenous food systems.

There will also be traditional drumming, singing and dancing to show the cultural artistry of Minnesota tribes.

“The program will also feature NATIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems), a nonprofit organization focused on education and access to Native foods, and introduce the Indigenous Food Lab, a culinary training center coming to the Twin Cities in 2020,” according to the website.

Staff Reporter

Alex Chhith is a staff reporter at the Chaska Herald. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dogs (Cody and Sam), catching up on the Game of Thrones and finding new restaurants. Follow her on Twitter @AlexChhith.


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