Where the heck it was

Have you been inside the Office Max at 960 West 78th St. lately? It’s one of our favorite happy places. All those pens, markers, and cool office doodads that help pass the time in the cubicle. And it’s now remodeled. Post-it notes to all our correct guessers (just kidding): George Borchardt, Dave Harrington, Mark Hagen, Dale and Pauline Tomaschko, Steve Lutgen, Denny and Sue Scheppmann, Julie Olson, Dave Terpstra, Gene Setterstrom, George Beniek, Marcia McLean, and Joshua and Clarice Boevers.


Unsie Zuege is an award-winning multimedia journalist, who enjoys community journalism, bibimbop, Netflix, Trivia Mafia and snuggling tiny dogs, not necessarily in that order.


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