Sam Johnson always thought he was a “math guy” growing up. His English teacher at Wayzata High School told him he was a good writer, but it wasn’t until he decided to enroll in an introductory reporting class at Bethel University to fulfill a general education requirement that he fell in love with the craft of storytelling.

“I just love the process of sorting through details and information and finding a storyline,” said Johnson, a summer intern working for Southwest News Media.

Sam grew up playing recreational sports in his hometown of Plymouth, including baseball, basketball and disc golf. His athletics background often informs the stories he loves to tell.

“I have a passion for sports writing,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s recaps of games, or a bigger piece on a specific person on a team.”

Although COVID-19 has put a damper on many sporting events for the foreseeable future, Sam is excited to write about more “eccentric sports” he hasn’t covered in the past, like archery and trapshooting. He’s also looking forward to expanding on the relationships he built within the community in his time as a Southwest News Media intern last summer.

When he’s not writing or playing sports, Sam enjoys spending time with his family at Howard Lake, where they have visited as long as he can remember.

“I’ve also been golfing a fair amount with hometown buddies,” Johnson said. Where his friends would usually be working as camp counselors or in their college towns, many are home for the summer, which is a welcome change.

“I’m looking forward to reporting here this summer about stuff that matters in the community in a tangible way,” Johnson said.


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