Three Chanhassen City Councilors were sworn in on Monday night — two new faces, and one familiar.

Councilors Lucy Rehm and Haley Pemrick Schubert, who were elected in November, took their oaths in-person and on Zoom. But when Julia Coleman vacated her position after winning a state senate race, a third seat was left open — and will be filled by former councilor Jerry McDonald.

Because the seat was vacated halfway through a term, the council chose not to hold a special election, instead opening applications city-wide for interested residents. Eight people were interviewed for the position, which will end in 2022, and Mayor Elise Ryan, Councilor Dan Campion, Rehm and Schubert voted to choose McDonald.

McDonald, a long-time Chanhassen resident and business owner, had served as councilor from 2007-2020, along with other local leadership positions. He ran for re-election in 2020, but came in third after Rehm and Schubert.

McDonald’s votes in the election and long history on the council was a large part of why he was chosen, said Mayor Ryan.

“Jerry has incredible experience that will be invaluable. We have a new city manager coming on board and two new city council members, and there really is something to say about having that historical knowledge about the city,” Ryan said.

McDonald’s nameplate was returned to the chambers and he took his seat immediately, ready for the meeting’s next vote.

“Thank you to everyone who showed support for me throughout, and to the council for showing support and confidence on my ability to work with you and make Chanhassen a better place,” McDonald said.