Little Nora, a female brown tabby born May 2019, lost a home when the past owner developed allergies. She plays with the water dish, with cat toys by herself, or interactive toys with you. She periodically tells you about her day, rolls over for tummy stroking and enjoys brushing and petting. Nora greets you at the door, ankle rubs, likes to be cradled like a baby, will let you place her in your lap and stays for short sessions, then is off to be kitten-active. She is easy-going and friendly with strangers, tolerates most dogs, hasn’t met kids but should be fine with them, and is good with accepting type cats.

Cat Tales Rescue pets have been vet checked, spayed/neutered, wormed, tested for FIV/FeLV, have distemper and rabies shots. Adoption fee is $125 adults, $150 for kittens. For further information or to start the adoption process, leave a message at 612-202-9492 or email

Meet Esther, an 8-year-old female Pomeranian. Esther Louise is nothing short of entertaining. She’s got a personality far bigger than her puffy little body. Esther will dance and twirl at mealtime or even the hint of a treat. She’ll happily sit with you as long as you wish. A short walk is a pleasure for her, but usually she’d rather be lounging on some soft pillow or a bed made just for her. Esther is diabetic and her blood sugar is managed with medication, so she requires a little extra care, but that extra attention to her is worth it in the lifelong devotion she will give back to you. Esther is currently at a foster home. If you are interested in a meet and greet or applying for adoption, fill out an application at Her adoption fee is $275.

This and other friendly pets are available for adoption through the Carver-Scott Humane Society. All adoptable pets are checked for temperament, up-to-date on shots, vet-checked, spayed/neutered and microchipped. To start the adoption process or check out the list of animals available for adoption, visit


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