Confidentiality agreement

Prince was known as someone who fiercely guarded his privacy. He reportedly shopped at local grocery stores in the wee hours of the morning; attended the local movie theater after-hours; and occasionally wore disguises so as not to attract attention out in public.

His desire for privacy resulted in an unusual event back in 2001 when he hosted a press conference at Paisley Park to promote his second annual music bash — known as “Prince – A Celebration: The Rainbow Children.”

The press event, which included reporters from the Chanhassen Villager and Chaska Herald, was meant to publicize the upcoming festival.

But as a requirement for attending the press conference, journalists were asked to sign a broad confidentiality agreement that if read literally would have prevented them from saying anything about the upcoming event.

Under the “Promise Not To Disclose Information” section of the confidentiality agreement, it read:

“I hereby agree that I shall not at any time use or disclose, directly or indirectly, any information in any way relating to Paisley ….”

The four-page confidentially agreement also prevented journalists from photographing or recording “any likenesses, performance or activities at Paisley.”

— Richard Crawford