Two Twelve Medical Center

The Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska is part of the Ridgeview Medical Center's system. 

Unidentified "network activity" has prompted staff at Ridgeview Medical Center to conduct an investigation, said Lisa Steinbauer, marketing and communications director with the health care system in the southwest suburbs.

The ordeal caused "disruption to certain Ridgeview operations," according to a statement from Steinbauer. 

"Our patients and staff are safe," she added, but said the system is not fully functioning.

Staff are "working around the clock" with computer forensic specialists to see what caused the disruption and confirm impact on the center's system.

"Our investigation into the event is ongoing, and we have substantial resources dedicated to this process," Steinbauer said. "We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time. We are dedicated to serving our patients and business partners. We will provide relevant updates when available."

No timeline or other details are currently available.

The center’s system includes Chaska’s Two Twelve Medical Center, three hospitals, clinics and other emergency and long-term care sites around the metro.