A recent letter by Sen. Scott Jensen made assertions that were broadly accusatory but short on facts ("Nothing to do with GOP Facebook" June 20). At issue is the Carver County GOP Facebook (CCGOPFB) page and its alleged "misleading news" and "offensive content."

This year, June belongs to Jupiter. Earth has been gaining on the giant planet, and on the 10th we lap it in the orbital race. At that moment, Jupiter and the sun occupy opposite corners of the sky. Befitting its position, Jupiter rises in the southeast at about the same time the sun sets in…

According to historians, we are at a perilous time in our American democracy. The amount of money spent on elections is growing, while the social needs of real people are not being met. Multinational corporations (big business) can influence and even create regulations that benefit themselve…

Eastern Carver County Schools continues to expand its commitment to an exceptional, personalized approach to education in District 112. Their five-pointed star, implemented to meet learning needs for students, emphasizes collaboration and engagement with peers and learning tools.

There is a group of birds that I find so very interesting and exciting. They are not tiny and colorful, or sing a beautiful song, but rather look plain and sort of familiar. In fact, they look much like a chicken.

Recently there was a letter in the Chaska Herald expressing concern about voter fraud due to inadequate checking of identity documents and citizenship status ("Our elections have no integrity," March 21). It is not my intent to get into a debate over this particular issue, but rather discuss…

Spring has finally arrived, and more people are taking to the outdoors to be active. With an abundance of parks and trails in Carver County, children and adults of all ages have opportunities to bike, walk and hike.

In May we start to lose our old friend Mars, which is dropping out of the evening sky after being a fixture there since last summer. The red planet has great staying power, thanks to being the speediest of the outer planets. But Earth is speedier yet, and now we’re starting to round the sun,…

As many of you know, from news stories or having experienced it yourself already, Minnesota is undergoing a change with its driver's licenses (DLs). Two new choices in licenses have been introduced — Real ID and Enhanced — and some confusion has occurred about which type might be the best fo…

Based on a recent letter published in the Herald, (“Fossil fuel vs. green energy,” March 14), I would like to correct several assertions about “green energy” that are incredibly misleading and, frankly, wrong.


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Should the city provide some type of subsidy to enable use of Old Village Hall as the city's history center?

The Chanhassen Historical Society (CHS) has approached the city about using the Old Village Hall as the city's history museum and archive. Currently, the CHS has no home; some of the collection is at City Hall with the majority stored with CHS members. The CHS is a nonprofit and cannot afford to both lease and cover utilities for the historic building, but is willing to contribute to a portion of the utilities cost.

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