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I spend the entire month of June on a boat watching the sunrise and sunset. I do this because I am leading wildlife photography tours, to capture images of Loons. I am so fortunate to be outside, surrounded by nature for such a sustained amount of time. I see and hear so many cool birds and …

In water management, many projects seek to prevent pollution from getting into lakes and rivers. But one type of project both prevents water pollution and conserves drinking water at the same time, stormwater reuse.

Last week, while leading a wildlife photography workshop to capture images of American black bears (Ursus americanus), we experienced a cuteness overload. Over three and half days, we saw many mother bears with spring cubs.

An aphorism that I say too often to friends and family members is “Don’t do a ready, fire, aim.” That is a reference to people who make unwarranted criticism about subject matter without sufficient research or due diligence. As a result, many of us confuse our “opinion” as fact.

In 1966, The National Academy of Sciences published the “Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society.” The purpose of this paper was to bring attention to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that, at the time, was being neglected.

The key to “seeing” nature is to stop and look. I know that seems rather obvious but it’s true. The simple act of stopping and looking is really all it takes to start to see more nature. This is something I learned a long time ago, but it seems that I need to stop and remember it every now a…

Are you a compliant egg or a defiant egg? You probably are wondering, what is this all about? What got us thinking about this subject recently is that we were peeling shells off of hard boiled eggs. Have you ever noticed that with some eggs the shells peel off quite easily (the compliant egg…

All month, we at Carver County have celebrated National County Government Month by honoring our employees, celebrating our innovations throughout the pandemic, and recognizing our partnerships that make our communities stronger.