Lynn and Doug Nodland

Doug and Lynn Nodland

What do you like to do for fun? It’s not a surprise that people have different ways of having fun.

People who are more extroverted often like being around people and enjoy parties or get-togethers. These types of activities often energize extroverts.

On the other hand, people who tend to be more introverted generally enjoy calmer activities with fewer people. Crowds can be somewhat energy-draining for them and they renew and gain energy from quieter times. We are probably considered ambiverts, because we enjoy a balance of extrovert and introvert type activities.

Whatever way you enjoy the fun in your life, fun is not just a frivolous pastime, fun is essential for good health.

Often people will give up fun if they are too busy, but fun helps to lower stress, improve memory and concentration, raise mood and can lead to good relationships. Plus, people often sleep better and are happier. Don’t these sound like great benefits from just taking time to have some fun? And the type of fun can be your choice.

What got us thinking about this subject and how people have preferences for different types of fun is that we recently went to the Fourth of July activities in Chanhassen. There was a crowd of people and lots of different things to do.

The events were well-planned and organized and packed with people having a good time. There were also several dogs who enjoyed the day by snacking on bits of dropped goodies. Speaking of goodies, one thing we love is the variety of food choices and a chance to eat things that we don’t cook at home. There were so many activities — a Business Expo, rides of different types, including a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and several others. Also, there were lots of games to play to try to win prizes.

Young and old alike had fun. We hope you can go to the related video at to see the action and maybe you’ll glimpse some of your neighbors who were also there.

At a fair, the food, the rides, the games, the band and people-watching are fun, but it’s a noisier environment. Some people enjoy a quieter place to have fun. Maybe they stay at the fair a short time and then head out somewhere like a lake. Sitting by water, listening to the lap of the waves can be very soothing, or maybe it’s fun to paddle in a canoe or kayak. Sometimes it means just sitting in the yard or lying in a hammock. Taking a walk in nature or maybe, on a rainy day, curling up with a good book can be fun.

Fun can be daring and dramatic or calm and comforting. We recognize the difference in preferences and there is no labeling good or bad, it’s just about what is right for you.

We met John and Cindy Hart, Chanhassen residents. John told us he’s been retired for some time so we knew he could do anything he wanted to do. We asked john what it is that he likes to do for fun. John told us, “Certainly my greatest thrill is to interact with my family and travel with them all over the United States as well as in the Twin Cities. I’m also a sailor and I like sailing on the ocean. Presently, we have a large boat in Annapolis, Maryland, and we sail her up and down the East Coast.”

We asked John what he likes about sailing. John answered, “I’ve been sailing for many years and the feeling of sailing is itself a great thrill. Also, the passage-making, sometimes through the night and sometimes through storms, is an enormous thrill, even after all these years.”

We imagine that sailing is a pretty exciting thing to do for fun and that each time it’s probably different. John said, “Absolutely, every single sailing trip is different. There are different crews, different weather patterns, different ocean conditions. All of it is an exciting event.” We thanked John for sharing some types of fun you can have near home and, also, farther away.

What about you? What’s fun and enjoyable for you?

Some ideas: We encourage you to pick some activities that you enjoy or want to try for fun. Set aside time for fun rather than just waiting for something to come up that seems fun. Then there’s more chance you’ll do it and not let all the work activities and responsibilities get in the way.

And remember, fun is not frivolous — fun is essential!

Chanhassen residents, Doug and Lynn Nodland are success coaches and owners of The Balance Center. Doug and Lynn can be contacted at More information and videos at


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