Lynn and Doug Nodland

Doug and Lynn Nodland

Do you have dreams that have grown from a tiny seed of an idea? What seeds of dreams are you wanting to grow?

What got us thinking about this subject is that, as we were planting our little geranium plants, we thought about how someone planted seeds so they could grow. They were cared for and they have grown some. Now it’s our responsibility to nurture them further so they can bloom even more.

There are many types of dreams just as there are many types of seeds. Different people have different dreams and sometimes the dream starts from a small seed of an idea and then it grows.

Now with numerous graduations and weddings going on, we notice how lives move forward toward their dreams. New relationships needed to be nurtured and students also needed to be cared for so they could reach their dreams.

But the stories don’t end at the weddings or graduations — there are still more dreams to grow. Debby Boone said, “Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed and nothing ever changes without a dream.” One dream, just as one seed, can produce more.

Some of the dreams that we have are to reach more people and make a difference in the world. We continue to try to grow in that direction. We hope you can also name some areas where you are reaching your dreams and maybe you are still looking to do more in that area or possibly a different area.

But sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams. When Doug’s father, who lived in Arizona, became ill, we sold our home in Minnesota and went to be with him and Doug’s mom. We had a dream to spend more time in Arizona, but that was not the way we wanted it to happen. However, we have many memories of being there — some bittersweet but many wonderful memories, too.

Debbie Ford said, “I think that any time of great pain is a time of transformation, a fertile time to plant new seeds.” It was definitely a time of growth to experience the bonding of family and the preciousness of life.

Maybe you are now going through some difficult times and it seems hard to have any dreams. Recognize that it can also be a time of great growth and transformation that leads to new dreams.

Perhaps you have seeds of some dreams that have been dormant for a long time. Maybe you have not reached these dreams or maybe you feel it’s happening too slowly. Here’s a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” Keep planting the seeds of your dreams in fertile soil where they can grow well. Then do what’s needed in caring for them so you can reap a bountiful harvest.

We talked to Martin Rathjen and asked him what are some seeds of dreams that he wants to grow. Martin shared, “I would be interested in traveling back to Tanzania sometime in the future. I’ve been there a couple times already, seeing the need of people in that part of the world — also, possibly exploring the option of teaching some English to children, particularly as a way to help and encourage in developing countries.”

We also asked Martin about another dream he mentioned. He said, “I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this past February, which was a fantastic trip. We had a group of 22, a lot of people from our church. Also, a cousin of mine was able to be on the trip and a daughter of mine. It was a fantastic cross-cultural experience, but also the physical challenge of getting to the top of the mountain was fantastic.” We thanked Martin for sharing wonderful seeds of dreams he has and some of his dreams that have already come to fruition.

How about you? What seeds are you planting that can grow into fulfillment of your dreams?

Here’s a challenge: What dreams are most important to you? What are the steps you need to take to get started or to make progress? What help and support do you need along the way? Just as seeds need to be planted in good soil, watered and nurtured to grow, your dreams need care and attention to bloom. We encourage you to take action, one step at a time, and surround yourself with people whose love and support will nurture you and your dreams to grow and blossom.

Chanhassen residents, Doug and Lynn Nodland are success coaches and owners of The Balance Center. Doug and Lynn can be contacted at More information and videos at


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