As more and more attention is focused on the campaign of terror being reigned on immigrant communities across the country by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is important to recognize the active role of institutions in our community in carrying out such inhumanity.

On June 25, a small group of people raised several large flags in our community on the corner of Highway 5 and Dell Road. These flags prominently displayed their support for the following causes: Trump 2020, Confederate flag, U.S. flag, Blue Lives Matter, guns and skull and crossbones and 4Chan.

I read with interest that the mayor and City Council are concerned that the Chanhassen Historical Society may not generate enough revenue to justify having its headquarters/museum in one of the few remaining historical buildings in the city, Old Village Hall ("Home for history?" June 6).

I am biracial, both white and east Indian. My parents were not rich, but did everything they could to make sure my brother and I experienced living in other countries. I had the privilege of learning with people from different cultures in public schools in the Caribbean, Europe and India.

As the Minnesota legislative session nears its end, there are two gun control bills still to be decided. The Democrats will assuredly use the attack at the Poway synagogue to bolster their position — even though the investigation is in the early stages.

I am old enough to remember a time when my mother was not allowed to open a bank account in her own name; a time when my older, married sister was dismissed from her teaching job simply because she was pregnant; a time when my high school friends and I asked to start a girls’ swim team and w…


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Should the city provide some type of subsidy to enable use of Old Village Hall as the city's history center?

The Chanhassen Historical Society (CHS) has approached the city about using the Old Village Hall as the city's history museum and archive. Currently, the CHS has no home; some of the collection is at City Hall with the majority stored with CHS members. The CHS is a nonprofit and cannot afford to both lease and cover utilities for the historic building, but is willing to contribute to a portion of the utilities cost.

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