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The Chaska Human Rights Commission stands with the Ukrainian people and their right to fully actualized and protected human rights, sovereignty, peace, safety, and their democratically elected government.

The world is a much smaller place than it once was; through the invention of the internet and, more recently, social media, humans across the globe connect, learn, love, celebrate, and grieve collectively.

After nearly a month of violative attacks on Ukraine’s soil, we know many people, both abroad and closer to home may be feeling confusion, pain and anger.

We may not be able to be there to support the people of Ukraine, directly, but we can offer our understanding and empathy to our neighbors here, in Chaska, who are affected by the ongoing war and human rights violations.

Whether it’s through personal conversation, through social media, or any available platform, we invite the wonderful people of Chaska to actively listen to those affected, to increase community bonds, to speak out against injustice, and to help those who are affected by this tragedy to know they are not alone.

Editor's note: The writer submitted this letter on behalf of the Chaska Human Rights Commission.

Sarah Carlson

Chaska Human Rights Commission Chair