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Oxygen is insulin.

Imagine you are on Mars. You need oxygen to live. You can buy the $25 oxygen which is the exhaust from the generators — but it’s OK, there is still enough oxygen to keep you alive. Or you can buy the $250 good air.

You will have a shorter life if you try to survive on the $25 air, because it isn’t the best air for your body. You would prefer the good air, but the free market supplier has realized there is a captive market and they can charge crazy high prices because there are enough Mars colonists with the air insurance to make them very rich.

On Earth today, 500,000 Minnesotans bodies have trouble making their own insulin, which they need to live. They need insulin, second only to air, and before water and food to stay alive. It breaks down the blood sugars to provide energy for the body. Poor monitoring of the sugar levels leads to shortened lives from heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and nerve damage. The $25 insulin results in higher highs and lower lows of the blood sugar levels. It is stressful to be on this insulin and can shorten the life of the diabetic.

Republican and Democrat families are affected by the crazy high prices of the good insulin and monitors. It is past time to stop the price gouging by the drug companies and everyone else making money off people who didn’t choose to have this disease.

Minnesota lawmakers should be ashamed that no emergency insulin drug law has passed to protect Minnesotans. Inaction will result in much higher costs to taxpayers as diabetics use ambulances, emergency rooms and hospitalizations in intensive care to treat their disease which could have been easily maintained with the modern treatments.

It's hard to be a proud American when this is going on and our state and national representatives act powerless to protect us. In the past, they received campaign money to get re-elected from the drug and health care companies, spending millions to keep the status quo. The next election will see even more super PAC and dark money ads that are untraceable, because candidates have started to be sensitive to how receiving donations from the drug companies looks.

It's time to support candidates who will vote to get money out of politics with a 28th Amendment to the Constitution. Right now, as long as drug companies have the First Amendment right to spend money as speech, we are hopeless. Tell your city councilors, your county commissioners, your state representatives, your national representatives that you want Minnesota to pass a resolution that states Minnesota will vote in favor of passing the 28th Amendment. Twenty states have already done so. Future Minnesotan and American lives are depending on it.

Sally Johnson




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