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Rarely does a governor’s race hold so much significance as the election of Glenn Youngkin in the commonwealth of Virginia. Reclaiming that spot after a 12-year dry spell is stunning, as President Joe Biden carried Virginia by 10% in 2020. Other national races held similar impact as the voters made their intent known.

These developments point to a rejection of Biden’s policies. Objectively, Biden has not had a policy win until 13 Republicans bailed him out on the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill. We’ll see how the “reconciliation bill” fares in the coming weeks. The socialist wing of the party has re-directed a “centrist” Biden.

In the last 10-months, Americans have watched an estimated 1.7 million illegals walk across our southern border from nearly 150 countries. An additional 300,000 “got aways” are unaccounted for. The short- and long-term effects will be significant to all of us.

The botched Afghanistan withdrawal will have a long-term impact. Approximately 400 Americans have yet to be rescued and we left some $85 billion in military hardware behind.

American standing has been negatively affected.

Families are enduring skyrocketing energy costs due from Biden’s “green policy." Denying leases and exploration from Texas to Alaska, stopping the Keystone pipeline construction currently is contributing to a 2 million barrels per day deficit (according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration). The nation has gone from a crude oil exporter, to one which Biden begs OPEC to increase production! Rising energy prices are the cruelest form of inflation.

The president frequently says the “reconciliation bill is “paid for." Then why does he whisper for the "rich” to pay their fair share? Further, why are the Democrats brainstorming numerous plans to raise taxes on businesses and taxpayers?

While “critical race theory” was the galvanizing issue for the Virginia election, I submit there is a larger motivational theme. That is, Americans are tired of being called racists for merely being white. “Wokeism” has reached its limits — from the classroom to the boardroom. The endless labels and “cancel culture” is now being rejected.

The radical wing of the Democrat party currently has the upper hand but they realize their opportunities to make changes to our culture, government and our economy is short-lived. It appears since the Nov. 2 losses, they are staying the course. I heartily encourage them as we countdown to the 2022 midterms.

Joe Polunc