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Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) members were mailed a packet for MVEC’s Annual Meeting. Included was a bylaw question. One of the proposed bylaw changes removes director term limits.

Several years ago, a good friend and neighbor, Darrell Nelson, made a motion at an annual meeting to put director term limits on the ballot because it would give more people a chance at these positions. The following year, MVEC’s membership overwhelmingly passed a term limit (four three-year terms).

I supported Mr. Nelson, and the MVEC members supported term limits, because incumbency has a significant power in elections like this. Most people vote for the incumbent in these elections. The MVEC members liked the concept that new blood and new ideas would be valuable for MVEC, and term limits is a way to ensure this happens. It is understood there will probably be good directors who will have to step aside after their fourth term, but there are certainly qualified people in the membership who would appreciate the opportunity to serve on the MVEC Board of Directors. Unseated directors may run again in subsequent elections.

Including term limits in a list of 16 mostly clerical “Revisions in the Restated Bylaws,” in my opinion, seems to be an attempt to slip through removal of term limits without the membership noticing.

The proposed removal of term limits is number 13 on the list of 16 proposed changes. It is not offered as a standalone item. Although many of the proposed changes may be good, members must vote all or nothing.

Please vote “No” to the restated bylaws.

Peter Croatt

New Prague