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I believe taxpayer funding of education for school kids in K-12 is extremely important. I know there are many good and dedicated teachers in public schools and it is possible for kids to get a good education.

However, I have some concerns about the public school system. Our country is deeply divided and is in danger of collapse (e.g., like the Roman empire). A country divided against itself cannot stand.

It seems to me that our culture is rapidly changing in destructive ways. My concern is that the public schools might be contributing to this dramatic cultural shift which is so weakening our country.

However, the national teachers' unions are pretty radically left wing and curricula are often written by people on the ideological left. So, to what extent are radical ideologies like critical race theory, the 1619 Project, transgenderism and postmodernism (there is no real truth), etc., influencing the education of our students in Eastern Carver County Schools?

Critical race theory is actually promoting racism by teaching that everyone is either an oppressor or a victim (even elementary school kids?) primarily determined by the color of their skin. That is actually promoting racism. A victim mentality is a motivation killer and causing guilt on kids based on what their ancestors might or might not have done is very harmful.

The 1619 Project has been determined by qualified historians to be historically inaccurate, but it also promotes hatred of the United States and is also very divisive.

How can we be assured that our schools are not promoting these radical, divisive ideologies that are tearing our country apart? Or can we?

Mel Swanson