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I was distressed by the statement by the top elected officials of Carver and Chaska taking sides with the Easter Carver County School Board regarding the recent heated debate (and actions) by parents in front of the board objecting to mask mandates ("We're truly better together," Oct. 7).

These mayors portrayed the behavior of two parents as “physical altercation." I looked at the video on the internet and that portion only showed one parent reaching out and grabbing the other by the collar. Someone stopped them immediately, and a scuffle never occurred.

The Wall Street Journal reports, on Sept. 29 the National School Boards Association sent a letter asking President Joe Biden to investigate threats or disruptions at school board meetings as a possible form of “domestic terrorism.” In response, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI and U.S. attorneys to look into the threats, predicting increasingly raucous encounters between parents and officials. On so many of the hot-button issues of the day — mask, critical race theory, etc. — the public schools have become the vanguard for today’s progressive agenda.

There is a concerted effort to silence and eventually ‘cancel’ parents and classify them as domestic terrorists so that school boards can operate unencumbered, often toward indoctrinating our children without parental 'interference.' Parents should not be dissuaded from exercising their constitutional rights to ‘seeking redress and freedom of speech.' These parents were doing so in front of (and towards) the board.

Mayors should at a minimum when publishing such public statements take both sides. Parents are genuinely concerned about scientifically unsupported mask mandates and other issues at our schools.

Mayors should also be distressed with the progressive loss of freedoms in our society. Being elected officials, they should take better effort to support their constituencies, such as parents wanting things done more in line with their ethics.

Dr. Edward N. Tipton