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This submission is in response to your article of Oct. 21, "Man charged after school board incident."

I have lived in Chanhassen since 1990. It is my home, my community. I am loyal to her and protective of her.

We are neighbors, business owners, customers. We pray for our sheriff, our first responders, our firefighters. We are thankful they don't hesitate to run towards those of us in need.

This is our nature as Americans, participants in the republic that upholds freedom.

We must find a way to navigate today's challenges. Communication, discussion of all ideas must be allowed and given space for truth to be mined out.

If we allow ourselves to be divided, unreasonable towards each other, we shall be conquered from within. If we come in agreement that our neighbors are our enemy, then corruption wins.

We must stand, set aside emotion in favor of reasonable debate. Survey issues and find the path of truth through this time. If not, all we love and hold dear is lost to us.

Thank you for reading.

Catherine Blomquist