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The basic question on the ballot will read: District 112 proposes to increase the School District general education revenue by $550 per pupil, subject to an annual increase in the rate of inflation.

Back in 2019 I voted no along with the majority on the referendum. I along with the other no votes were called racists, along with other derogatory descriptions. My no vote had nothing to do with race, it had everything to do with incompetence of the school board. They have mislead the district in the past, along with their wasteful spending of our tax dollars. Simply, I don’t trust them.

According to Niche, our district is second to only Edina in spending per pupil compared to all of the surrounding school districts (2019 it was $17,662/pupil).

With that said, I have seen first hand of the shortages in our schools and I do agree funding is needed in many areas. Could I change my vote? Yes, but let me share my thoughts.

Over the past year, property valuations have increased significantly. In the Twin Cities, the median home price is up 16.1%, but talking to real estate people, we are in the area of 20% plus. (Major increase in property taxes coming.) Chanhassen has announced an increase in the tax levy this next year.

Add all of that to the biggest negative I see, it is inflation. Currently the PPI is up 8%, but there is a fear we may see hyperinflation, exceeding 10% plus. Bank America believes we could see this level of inflation for at least the next four years. With what is going on in Washington, only God knows how much more money they print and see the damage it will do economically.

The board says “we need an additional $550 per student?” How do they come up with that number and how is the spending broken down? Adding in the verbiage, “subject to an annual increase in the inflation rate,” with the inflation rate projected higher, we could see this tax increase more than double over the 10 years. This inflation item gives the board carte blanche on the extra funds, and they have proved they cannot be trusted with our money.

Take the inflation item out and provide a breakdown of the spending needs by way of importance. My vote will change. I realize the district may not get everything they want this time around due to having a fixed budget available, but with their track record, they need to prove they are competent with handling our money.

Doug Clark