Two years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor pointing out that women receive less Social Security money in retirement because they earn thousands less than men over their careers.

Recently there has been some good news. In some large cities, pay for women under 30 is equal to or slightly above men. It's great that these cities are doing this, so how long do we wait for the rest of the country, including Minnesota, to achieve equal pay for equal work?

Again, this year ERA-MN is asking that an Equal Rights Amendment be included on the ballot this November. On Thursday, March 31, State Sen. Sandy Pappas asked for a roll call vote on the Senate floor to move this amendment to committee. This is just the first step toward it being put on the ballot.

The party line vote was 32 nays and 30 yeas, and it did not pass. Some senators are still finding excuses. Last time the excuse was controversies over bathrooms and this time it will be the ability of trans athletes to compete.

Meanwhile, there is a huge group of women waiting to gain legal footing, to be treated equally, and ensured by the Constitution. How many Minnesotans do you think are affected?

There are 2,800,000 women and girls in Minnesota! It's time for Minnesota senators to support them. Let us vote!

Sally Johnson