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Providing a great education for our children is something every parent strives for. I know; we raised four wonderful children who all went to the Eastern Carver County Schools.

Our public schools provide an outstanding education for our children regardless of their needs and abilities. They do this despite the fact that the state of Minnesota has not adequately funded our public schools for decades! How do the schools do this? By making difficult decisions like cutting staff and requesting bond referendums. Surely, we want to avoid this!

As you may know, the state of Minnesota has a historic budget surplus in the range of $9 billion. The legislature adjourned without agreeing how to fund our public schools. This is not acceptable! Support our local teachers! Your school system needs you.

Senate Republicans like Julia Coleman do not support public school funding. Instead, she co-sponsored a bill that required public schools to foot the bill for private school student services (SF925). Julia Coleman says she wants parents to have a choice whether to send their children to a public school or private school. But, she is really advocating for taking funding from the public schools and giving it to a private school.

I will be supporting Dr. Dan Kessler and Lucy Rehm because I know they put the interests of our public schools first and foremost!

Nancy Haaheim