Paisley Park

Paisley Park in Chanhassen recently reopened, after closing in March.

Paisley Park may hold an outdoor concert this year during Celebration Week, June 4-7.

In January, Karen White, sales and marketing director at Paisley Park, approached the city of Chanhassen with a request to streamline its permitting process for smaller corporate events and meetings. She also asked the city to consider a request to hold an outdoor concert at Paisley Park.

With a change in management, Paisley Park is planning to expand from a museum and special event venue into an entertainment venue and destination.

For each event with 200 attendees or less, Paisley Park must apply for a permit for review by five city staff members. At the Jan. 27 work session, Mayor Elise Ryan directed staff to work on language amending the planned unit development permit.

At Monday’s work session meeting, staff proposed language allowing Paisley Park “to hold an unlimited number of indoor events with 200 or less attendees and one outdoor event per calendar year, subject to the requirements of the city’s special event ordinance.”

Only Paisley Park indoor events with more than 200 attendees would require a temporary event permit. According to the staff report, only six of last year’s Paisley Park events exceeded 200 attendees. Exempting smaller events will enable Paisley Park to host up to 12 larger events per year going forward.

If the City Council directs staff to pursue the PUD amendment, it would go before the Planning Commission for a March 27 public hearing, before returning to the council for a final vote on April 13.

The staff and council agreed that it would “see how it goes,” before it might consider an amendment to the PUD language.

Councilor Jerry McDonald asked if attendees to Paisley Park events are bused in. Community Development Director Kate Aanenson said they are, and to date there haven’t been any problems.


Chanhassen business owners are invited to attend an open house hosted by the city’s Economic Development Commission, from 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the Chanhassen Rec Center, 2310 Coulter Boulevard, Chanhassen.

The Economic Development Commission, which was created in late 2019 to address local business concerns, is planning to meet local businesses and encourage feedback on how the city of Chanhassen can help local businesses be successful. Refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Greg Sticha, Chanhassen finance director, at



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