Firearms, knives and cash 16-year-old Kody Tah Sayarath allegedly stole in Norwood Young America were found after a Carver County Sheriff’s Office investigation.

Sayarath pleaded guilty to two felony counts of second-degree burglary and possession of ammunition and firearms under the age of 18. He faces a disposition, or sentencing, on July 24.

His mother, Thongphoun Yabandith, 44, has been charged with helping him. Her case is scheduled to have an omnibus hearing on July 17. Carver County charged Yabandith with one-count receiving stolen property and one-count aiding an offender.

On March 30, Carver County deputies were called to a residence on Lower Brand Drive where “numerous” firearms, cash and ammunition had been stolen, a press release from the sheriff’s office stated. Among the firearms stolen were six handguns, one of which was a Glock.

A week later, a burglary of long guns, knives and coin sets was reported April 7 on Preserve Boulevard in Norwood Young America. The loss was estimated to be more than $10,000.

According to the criminal complaint and petition:

Carver County deputies believed there were stolen handguns, long guns, knives and money at a Lincoln Street residence in Norwood Young America when they applied for a search warrant.

Yabandith and her son are the only residents of the apartment.

Not long after, Savage Police arrested the son at a traffic stop on April 14 after they found a handgun allegedly stolen from the Lower Brand Drive residence in his possession.

The warrant still had to be signed when detectives conducted surveillance that day. They saw Yabandith leave the apartment complex carrying something long and straight, wrapped in a blanket. Detectives believed the item was a gun. She put it in the trunk of a silver Honda.

The detectives tried talking with Yabandith and she ran inside the building.

When the warrant was signed, detectives returned to the apartment. Yabandith told detectives a police officer had called her that night to say her 16-year-old son had been arrested for possessing stolen property. She was then arrested.

In the son’s bedroom, detectives found several long guns sitting on top of the bed. All fit descriptions from the Preserve Boulevard burglary.

Police found handguns as well in the apartment that allegedly matched the serial numbers of guns recently stolen in Norwood Young America. Knives and money were also in the apartment. Another search warrant was used to look into the car, where five stolen long guns were sitting.

The son allegedly told police he committed the two burglaries.

Editor's note: The headline and the story have been updated to correct the nature of the alleged crime, burglary.


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