Chaska Soccer - Ramboldt

Chaska senior Sammie Ramboldt takes a pass from Paige Bakke in the penalty box, scoring on a shot off her left foot for the 3-0 lead on Aug. 27.

On Monday, the Minnesota State High School League released guidelines for post-season sectional play in girls tennis, girls swimming and diving, boys and girls soccer, and boys and girls cross country.

No decision on state tournaments has been decided. A scheduled Oct. 1 MSHSL Board of Directors meeting could bring some clarity.


Start/End Date: Oct. 5/Oct. 17

Location: High seed hosts, all outdoor events.

Format: Team only, no individual play. Championship and consolation brackets. Two matches per week. Seeded will be based on geography (North and South sub-section likely to be used in Section 2AA)

Spectators: up to 250 people. Section to determine if tickets will be sold.


Date: The week of Oct. 19

Location: A multi-site section meet held over two days with diving being held at a separate time and at a mutually agreed upon location determined by section management and region.

Format: Timed finals format with a maximum of four teams at any one site. Teams allowed a maximum of four entries per event. This also applies to diving. Maximum number of swimmers per team would be 22 bringing the total of swim competitors to 88. Three coaches allowed. No student managers.

Spectators: None if held at a pool inside of a school building.


Date: The week of Oct. 12

Location: Multiple sites as determined by each section

Format: A multi-site or multi-session section meet held over two days if necessary. A maximum of four teams on course at one time. Section Management and regions to determine how to group teams for competition. Teams consist of six runners with the top five scoring. This allows for not more than 24 runners on start line at any time. Girls and boys races may run on the same day and same course, but not be on the course at the same time.

Spectators: Up to 250 spectators on site. Each participant is suggested to have two people viewing the race. Only athletes are allowed in the camp sites, and spectators must stay away from the start line and finish chutes.


Start/End Date: Oct. 12/Oct. 24

Location: High seed or neutral site

Format: First week: Round of 16/8 for Class A, Round of 8 for Class AA. Second week: starting on Oct. 19 should be used for semifinals and finals.

Spectators: Up to 250 people. Section will determine if there is an attendance cost.


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