Danny Spillum, Class of 2014 Chanhassen High School graduate, displays a three for his third hole-in-one this 2020 summer golf season. Spillum has had aces at Chaska Town Course, Mississippi National in Red Wing, and Dahlgreen.

The odds of an average golfer sinking a hole-in-one on a shot with a yardage of 200 or fewer is 1-in-150,000 according to LiveAboutDot.com. If you ask Google what the odds of making three holes-in-one in one summer, the answer is as simple as "slim."

Danny Spillum of Chanhassen was a point guard on the Storm basketball team. He played football, ran track, never trying out for the golf team. He recalls never having enough patience for it.

The Class of 2014 Chanhassen alumni now wonders if he missed his calling.

On three separate occasions this summer, Spillum has sunk hole-in-one shots.

"Never. Not even close," answered Spillum about any other career aces. "I started going to the range this summer, putting in more time, taking it more serious, but really it's a total thing of luck."

Taking a summer course online at the University of Minnesota, Spillum has had ample time to hit the links, playing four or five times a week at local courses Dahlgreen and Chaska Town Course.

His first ace came at the Town Course.

"I was just in shock. I didn't know what just happened. We could see it roll in, but while the other guys were freaking out, I was just kind of scratching my head. I couldn't believe it," Spillum said.

By the second and third hole-in-ones of the summer at Mississippi National in Red Wing and Dahlgreen west of Chaska, Spillum's excitement spilled out.

"I should have bought a lotto ticket after the third one," he said.

Spillum credits his dad, Dan, for always taking him on the course when he was younger. "When we're on the course he's always giving me tips, things to help me improve my game," the 24-year-old said.

Ironically, after sinking the first two aces, he broke in a new set of irons with the third shot.

"I'm taking it as a sign. Maybe this is my year," Spillum joked.

Everyone is asking Spillum how they can hit a hole-in-one, too.

"Play with Wilson Jones (Holy Family Catholic alumni). He's been there twice with me. I guess he's good luck," Spillum said.


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