Highway 101

The Highway 101 project involved the excavation of about 480,000 cubic yards of material. Phase 1 was completed in November, while Phase 2 hopes to begin by April or May 2021. 

Here is number 4 of the top 10 news stories of 2020, selected by the staff of the Chanhassen Villager.

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4. Highway 101 construction

The $29 million Highway 101 reconstruction project, which has shut down portions of the road for months, began in May and will increase the size of the road from two to four lanes, creating a streamlined connection to the nearby Highway 101 bridge.

“The old road was incredibly unsafe because of how windy it was, with low visibility and the steepness of grade,” said Chanhassen Public Works Director Charlie Howley. “It was a very unsafe road and it is a high volume arterial roadway that doesn’t meet standards.

The first phase was completed right on time in November, and Phase Two construction will resume in April in May, weather permitting. 2021 work should be finished by November.