Victoria City Hall

The Victoria City Council’s recent four-minute regular meeting obviously went swiftly, but it included approval of donations which routinely have a significant impact on the community.

The consent agenda approved at the council’s Jan. 10 meeting included almost $8,000 in fourth-quarter donations. A total of $7,120 of the donations was anonymous, with $7,000 for the concerts in the park series.

Overall, in 2021, there was $21,659 in donations to city projects, staff, programs and activities, not including meal donations, according to city reports.

“We are so grateful to our residents that donate items or make financial contributions to the city of Victoria that provide much of the quality of life we enjoy in Victoria,” said Mayor Deb McMillan.

“Many of these are gifts of appreciation and others help to provide for programming that is outside of the city budget,” she added. “Whatever the motivation, we thank those who have generously given of their time and treasure to improve life the city of Victoria.”

A breakdown of the 2021 donations indicates $10,220 came from anonymous donors, with all but $220 going to the concert series.

The Fire Department received $7,169, including $3,600 from the local Lions Club.

A total of $3,900 was given to the concert series and T-ball program in combined donations, according to city reports.

Donations came from citizens and businesses, as well as civic and church groups.

The council’s meeting went quickly because there was no new business, no reports, and 18 items on the consent agenda which were handled without discussion and with one vote.