Chaska High School

Chaska High School, 545 Pioneer Trail, Chaska.

School officials confiscated an Airsoft pellet gun after a student pointed it out a car window toward another vehicle with students in the Chaska High School parking lot, Monday during dismissal.

“School administrators were in the parking lot as students were leaving. They saw and heard about a student displaying a pistol out the window of a vehicle,” an email to families signed by Principal Jim Bach stated. “They responded immediately, and with police assistance recovered a “look-alike” Airsoft pellet gun in the vehicle.”

No was was harmed during the incident, according to the email. Additional police arrived to the scene to investigate further, the email continued.

“We do not take the presence of guns or lookalike weapons lightly,” said Brett Johnson, director of communications for Eastern Carver County Schools. One of the administrators saw the incident unfold, ran up to the car and confiscated the gun, he said.

Johnson declined to specify how the students were disciplined and said he did not know how many students were involved in the incident.

“We have identified the students involved and police are investigating. Discipline will be administered according to our Student Discipline Policy and we will treat this situation very seriously,” Bach said in the email to parents. “Student safety is our top priority. We will continue to work daily to ensure Chaska High School is as safe as it can be.”

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