Athletic Park

Floodgates in Chaska were opened in late March.

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Athletic Park may soon look like a baseball field again.

Temporary pumps have been placed along the park’s berm and have begun pumping water out of the flooded park.

The floodgates have been shut by Public Works, however city officials don’t have an estimate on when the park will reopen, according to an email from Communications Manager Kevin Wright.

“Once the water is pumped out of the park, crews will need to assess the condition of the facilities and begin restoration work,” he said.

The floodgates were opened March 23 to prevent major damage from flood waters rushing over the top of the levee and into the baseball park.

City officials don't have an estimate yet of when Highway 41 will open, Wright said, noting that the decision to open the road is made by MnDOT. 

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