Crews are installing equipment inside the Dunkin’ Donuts building in downtown Chaska.

Prepare yourselves donut lovers, Dunkin’ Donuts is opening in downtown Chaska in May.

Construction on the site, which includes the building of two other new buildings, started in late fall, according to the project’s Design Lead Matt Borowy, of Bright Pixel Design. The outline of the Dunkin’ Donuts building is nearly complete.

“They’re working on getting the equipment laid out in there,” Borowy said, adding that crews will soon install brick and glass on the exterior of the building.

The long-awaited project will replace the old Hot Spot gas station in downtown Chaska, just north of Walgreens.

“The winter was warm and dry, so things really worked well for all the concrete work and wood framing, Borowy said. “The only construction hold up was bad soil — that was a site with a lot of history.”

Passersby may have noticed the site looked like a big pit for some time — that’s because crews had to remove everything from old gas tanks to old pipes and building foundations. Workers also replaced bad soil, Borowy added.

“That’s one of the surprises in a site that wasn’t just farm land, but part of a city, he said. “We got to unearth that history.”

Besides Dunkin’ Donuts, there will be room for four other retailers. So far there’s been a lot of interest.

Borowy said he couldn’t mention any specific company slated to go into the new spaces, but hinted one is “healthcare-like.”

“We’re confident it will be a real asset to the community, and it’s so nice to see that site turn into something that’s not a dead eyesore anymore,” he said. “It’s going to be a really neat place in an already neat neighborhood.”

Staff Reporter

Alex Chhith is a staff reporter at the Chaska Herald. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dogs (Cody and Sam), catching up on the Game of Thrones and finding new restaurants. Follow her on Twitter @AlexChhith.


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