Firemen's Park II

Firemen’s Park II was placed for sale earlier this year.

Land that has served as Firemen’s Park II was put on sale by Eastern Carver County Schools in February and so far there’s been no takers.

The park served as an open space for residents on the east side of downtown Chaska.

Though it is marked with a city of Chaska park sign, the property is owned by District 112, which marketed the property earlier this year.

The 1.01 acre park currently has a swing set and a playground with a few slides. For several years, it was the site of one of the city’s outdoor skating rinks.

The price is $210,000 and is for sale through Colliers International, according to district documents.

“We don’t need the properties and I feel we’re sitting on the asset that could be used in another means,” said Director of Finance & Operations DeeDee Kahring.

The property, along North Maple Street just behind SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288, is too small for education purposes, she added. The district offered to sell the land to the city, however officials declined to purchase the property.

The parcel was purchased by the school district when Chaska High School operated in the cooperative building, according to Kahring. The district doesn’t have any plans to sell other properties.

Currently, there’s a playground on the site with space for community gatherings or for children to play.

The district allowed the city to utilize the parcel as an open space for residents, according to a February report by City Administrator Matt Podhradsky.

During the downtown master planning process, a need was identified for the addition of a neighborhood park on both the east and west sides of Highway 41 in downtown.

“While it would be possible to look at the Firemen’s II site as being a parcel that could meet that need, it was discussed during the downtown master planning process that this particular location is not located in an ideal location to serve the east side of Highway 41, and is not very visible to the surrounding neighborhood areas, which is likely why this particular open space has not been heavily utilized over the years,” Podhradsky wrote.

It was concluded the park should be closer to the center of the community on the east side of Highway 41. Areas that were suggested were two large parcels St. John’s Lutheran Church owns next to its school and on the north side of East Fourth Street, across from the church.

Podhradsky said he spoke to representatives of St. John’s who indicated they would like to explore if a joint development was feasible.

“This shared use could help us meet the objectives of a neighborhood park and more efficiently utilize both of our resources to develop a very nice park area,” Podhradsky stated.

When the Eastern Carver County School Board approved the sale of the land downtown at its meeting on Jan. 28, it also approved a purchase agreement of $175,000 for the Jonathan General Store, a former gas station at 110690 Village Road near its Family Learning Center property.

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