Launch Ministry

Launch Ministry is now located at 110 West Second Street, Chaska.

Launch Ministry opened its doors in its new location on West Second Street, on Monday, Dec. 17.

The nonprofit day shelter, formerly housed in the basement of the Moravian Church, helps homeless young adults who come through its doors find resources for housing and food. It’s also a place where youth can gather to charge their phones and spend their time during the day. Launch serves young adults ages 18 to 29.

On opening day, staff hung a sign in its storefront window at 110 West Second Street, which formerly housed Rita Vannett Photography Inc.

The Community Assets Foundation purchased the building, earlier this month, according to Corey Magstadt, executive director of Launch Ministry.

“It came pretty quickly,” Magstadt said. “It was October that we saw the building for sale and we thought it would make for a good drop in center.”

Launch will be leasing the new space from the Community Assets Foundation. While the square footage of the space is slightly smaller than the organization’s previous area, staff will be able to put on more events. Its location right along one of downtown’s busiest streets, will also improve Launch’s visibility in the community.

“It will be slightly less space but it’s laid out differently,” Magstadt said.

Launch will also use two apartments above the ground floor space for its housing program and there are also laundry units clients will be able to use.

On the ground floor, there’s a small stage which could allow for open mic nights, Magstadt added.

There will be an open house in January and so far this year, Launch has helped nearly 300 young adults with 180 in mentoring programs, according to Magstadt. Last year, the organization helped 254 people with 72 in mentoring programs.

“It feels like a good next step for us as an organization,” Magstadt said of the move.

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