Fourfold Studios

Co-founders and friends Stacy Zaback and Heather Precht operate Fourfold Studios in Carver.

It took patience, a lot of prayer, the right location and an overwhelming passion to establish Fourfold Studios.

Co-founders and friends Heather Precht and Stacy Zaback say their photography and co-working space business is now growing to the point where a long-term plan calls for them opening another site and having business across the country.

“There is nothing like what we offer in this area, so I think we’re pretty unique that way,” Precht said during an interview at their neatly decorated upper level office/studio at 104 6th St. W. in Carver.

The location has a specific area for photographers and other spaces for those who want to use workshare spaces.

“We want this place to be comfortable, with a homey-type feel,” said Zaback. “There’s not another place like this; a warm, inviting place that feels more like a retreat space than an office space.”

The business offers an opportunity for people and businesses to network, as well as a meeting place for photographers to be encouraged and supported via the ‘Collaboration beats Competition’ group, the women said.

“This is a shared creative space,” Precht said, glancing at Zaback who nodded with approval. “This is starting to evolve into what we imagined.”

The successful photography business includes Precht shooting the photos, while Zaback assists with details at photo sessions.

Their business story traces back to a relationship that developed while working at Freshwater Community Church in Waconia. Precht ran the children’s ministry and Zaback was in charge of visual marketing.

“I had my photography business for several years and Stacy has always been entrepreneurial and has good ideas,” Precht said. “We talked about it, but then thought maybe it was too big of a risk.”

The two prayed about it for several months and in May 2018 “came back together and made a list of pros and cons of staying where we were at or going out on our own,” Precht said. “We took a leap of faith.”

The photography business has kept the duo plenty busy, especially since they focus on providing “unconventional sessions,” Precht said. “We want what we do to have modern, unique themes; very personal.”

That also runs true for their personal business branding offerings, according to client Emily Slavik of Chaska, who has two businesses — an online women’s boutique (Huntress Shopping Parties) and online business strategist.

“I had heard about them from a friend, who also had some pictures taken for her boutique,” Slavik said. “They have a great location and I love the idea of supporting other small businesses and wanted to find someone local.

“They did a fantastic job,” Slavik added. “What’s unique about them is that Heather does a great job taking the pictures while Stacy has a real good style eye. They did a great job with my branding; the plans, colors and putting it all together.”

The women each have four young children and say their husbands have been instrumental and very supportive in the business venture.

“Our husbands created this whole space for us,” Precht said, referring to remodeling of the space. “They are our biggest fans and we wouldn’t have this without them.”

The women want their personal lives and business to reflect their spiritual values, taking a message from 1 Peter in naming the business Fourfold.

The four attributes they strive to have personally and in business are: hoping in God; resting in God; pursuing dreams fearlessly; and striving to honor God by practicing selflessness, the women said.

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